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Great Tips as Playing as Hillbilly in Dead By Daylight

by Sam

The Hillbilly is a Killer with exceptional mobility that can traverse huge distances in a short period of time and can swiftly kill Survivors with his Chainsaw.

His particular Perks, which include Enduring, Light born, and Tinkerer, give him the ability to increase his Power and make it more difficult for others to track him down.

He embodies tenacity and resiliency in everything that he does. The Survivors will have a more difficult time thwarting him as a result of this.

Difficulty Rating: Moderate

Hillbilly Power & Perks

Perk Description
(unlocked at level 30 in Bloodweb)
You are resilient to pain.

  • Reduces Pallet Stun duration by Several Percent.
(unlocked at level 35 in Bloodweb)
Unlike other beasts of The Fog, you have adapted to light.

  • The Auras of Survivors attempting to blind you with a Flashlight are revealed to you for Several Seconds.

Lightborn grants immunity from being blinded by Flashlights, Firecrackers, Flashbangs, or Blast Mines.

(unlocked at level 40 in Bloodweb)
Whenever a Generator is repaired to 70 %, you benefit from the following effects:

  • Triggers a Loud Noise Notification for that Generator, revealing its location.
  • Grants the Undetectable Status Effect for the next Several Seconds.

Top Hillbilly Addons

Doom Engravings

  • Increases the Movement speed during a Chainsaw Sprint by +20 %.
  • Reduces the Heat gained from charging the Chainsaw by -14 %.
  • Increases the Charge time of the Chainsaw by +12 %.

LoPro Chains

  • allows you to continue the Chainsaw Sprint after breaking a Pallet or Breakable Wall with the Chainsaw.
  • Survivors hit with the Chainsaw within 5 seconds of breaking a Pallet or a Breakable Wall are only damaged for a single Health State .

Death Engravings

  • Increases the Movement speed during a Chainsaw Sprint by +15 %.
  • Reduces the Heat gained from charging the Chainsaw by -14 %.
  • Increases the Charge time of the Chainsaw by +12 %.

Weapon: The Hammer

The Hillbilly relies mostly on his Hammer as his primary weapon.
The most humane way to butcher cattle is using a cattle hammer, which delivers a severe blow to the top of the head.

Power: Chainsaw

  • The Chainsaw in the game is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used to quickly and efficiently take down survivors.
  • By pressing and holding the Power button, players can activate a Chainsaw Sprint, which allows them to move at twice their regular movement speed of 9.2 meters per second.
  • This can be incredibly useful for catching survivors off guard and putting them into the Dying State.
  • However, it’s important to note that each action taken with the Chainsaw, such as starting, revving, and sprinting, will cause the Overheat meter to fill up.
  • When this meter is full, the chainsaw can no longer be used until it cools down completely.
  • Fortunately, the Overheat meter decreases on its own when the chainsaw is not in use, so players should manage their usage in order to use the chainsaw when they need it the most.
  • It’s worth mentioning that the overheat limit will not interrupt an ongoing chainsaw sprint. All these features of chainsaw can make it deadly weapon in survivors’ hands.

Top Hillbilly Perks

1. Barbecue & Chilli

The connection to The Entities is a powerful one, and those who form a deep bond with them unlock a new level of understanding of the human aura. This newfound ability is demonstrated in the profound impact it has on the ability to read auras. By hooking a Survivor, the aura of all other Survivors who are at least 60/50/40 meters away from that Hook becomes visible to the aura reader for a period of 4 seconds. This provides a powerful advantage in the hunt for survivors and is a testament to the strength of the bond with The Entities.

2. Infectious Fright

Whenever a Survivor is put into the Dying State by any means, all other Survivors within your Terror Radius will scream and reveal their current location to you for 4/5/6 seconds.

3. Eruption

Are you ready to cause some chaos? Performing the Damage Generator Action on a Generator will now trigger something called Eruption. It’s pretty intense – all affected Generators will be highlighted in yellow, so you’ll know exactly which ones to watch out for. Here’s where it gets really interesting: the next time a Survivor enters the Dying State by any means, all affected Generators will explode and start regressing, removing the highlighted Aura. This is a huge blow to their progress, as it applies an immediate -10% Progression penalty. But that’s not all – any Survivor repairing a Generator when it explodes will scream in terror and be hit with the Incapacitated Status Effect for 15/20/25 seconds. But don’t get too trigger-happy – Eruption has a cool-down period of 30 seconds before it can be used again.

4. Bamboozle

Vaulting windows just got even more thrilling with the introduction of Bamboozle. This powerful ability allows you to call upon The Entities to block a window for the next 8/12/16 seconds after you vault it. Not only does this stop Survivors from being able to vault that window, it also gives you a boost, increasing your general vaulting speed by 5/10/15%. Keep in mind that Bamboozle can only block one window at a time and it doesn’t work on Pallets. It’s a powerful tool to add to your arsenal and can give you an edge in the hunt for survivors.

5. Pop Goes the Weasel

With a deep bond with The Entities comes great strength. And with the ability called Pop Goes the Weasel, that strength is channeled into destroying Generators with ease. Once a Survivor is hooked, this powerful ability activates for the next 35/40/45 seconds. During that time, performing the Damage Generator Action on a Generator will instantly cause it to regress by a staggering -20% of its current progression. This makes destroying generators much faster and much more efficient, After which the normal Regression apply. However, It’s important to note that Pop Goes the Weasel will deactivate after damaging a generator or when the timer elapses. This makes it a valuable tool to use at the right moment.

Dead By Daylight The Hillbilly tips and tricks

  • The Hillbilly is a fast and agile Killer, so perks that enhance his ability to catch Survivors and slow down Generator progress, like Enduring, Spirit Fury and Pop Goes the Weasel, pair well with his overall playstyle. This combination of perks and his natural mobility makes him quite formidable on the battlefield.
  • If a Survivor is fixing a generator on the right side, try approaching them with the chainsaw in a way that traps them by cutting inward, making it impossible for them to flee and quickly taking them down.
  • When playing as Hillbilly, if you have the opportunity to take down a Survivor with one hit from your mallet instead of using the chainsaw, go for it. It’s best to try to take down Survivors with the chainsaw, but don’t be afraid to use your mallet as well. Chases can take a bit longer than 20 seconds, but don’t waste too much time on them. Your character’s high mobility allows you to disrupt other Survivors working on generators, even if you’re not able to directly take down the one in front of you.
  • As Hillbilly, you can use deception to trick Survivors into going into tight spaces or Vaults. For example, you can pretend that you’re going to turn right into the killer Shack, which may cause the Survivor to turn left. Then, use this opportunity to follow the Survivor’s movements and curve inwards with the chainsaw, catching them off guard.
  • The Hillbilly is an effective killer when paired with perks that reveal Survivor’s location, such as Infectious Fright and BBQ & Chilli. His speed allows him to quickly catch up to survivors and make escape difficult. He’s also able to destroy obstacles like Pallets and Breakable Walls with his chainsaw, so don’t hesitate to use it when needed.
  • The Hillbilly’s chainsaw is able to destroy obstacles such as Pallets and Breakable Walls, so feel free to use it when necessary to clear the way.


There are 2 Achievements related to The Hillbilly:

Adept Hillbilly Dominate the Survivors with The Hillbilly’s unique perks, Enduring, Lightborn, and Tinkerer, for a merciless victory.
The Grind With The Hillbilly, chainsaw 100 / 50 Survivors.

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